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Our team works closely with researchers at Stanford University and the University of California San Francisco to accurately demonstrate evidence based performance improvement.


The beginning of the program focuses on linguistic analysis that allows us to attack the questions. The majority of medical students have difficulty with the reading comprehension aspect of the test. Dance paragraphs of intentionally muddy syntax contribute to this intentional misunderstanding by the test writers. We can identify those patterns and expose the structural weaknesses of those questions.


The middle portion of our program concentrates on cognitive behavioral techniques to identify and control the anxiety responses. You will be coached objectively on how you can improve.


The third aspect of the program employs end block analysis or what we term as “post mortem” which covers the information gaps. Each medical school has its own curriculum and as a result students won't be exposed to all the necessary information required to pass the exam. Post mortem analysis allows us to identify each student’s blind spot.


The last step focuses on applying active learning techniques that help students access information during the test. Dense material like pharmacology and microbiology often lends itself to neglect. To overcome this every morning we focus on pharmacology and microbiology in a way that is useful for the test.

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