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What should I bring? - Bring a laptop and any review books you'd like. The program is question based and most major references can be found online. Most students already have electronic copies of textbooks, so additional reference material is not as important.


Where should I stay? - There are multiple options locally that can fit your budget including hotels, extended stay hotels, as well as temporary subletting. Lawrence is a college campus and many options come partially furnished.


What is the class schedule like? - Structured sessions begin at 9:00 AM and end approximately at 3:00 PM. Additional materials are given for preparation each day. Every Saturday is either a half-day or full day, scheduled for mock exam. The schedule is designed to optimize the time you have to spend learning the material for long-term retention.


How do I know if I'm advancing through the material? - Testvantage has multiple indicators to demonstrate students' areas of improvement. The data is reviewed each week with the coaching facilitators to maximize performance.


How do I get to Lawrence?

Driving: Lawrence, Kansas is a 35 minute drive west off Highway 70.

Flying: The Kansas City International Airport is the closest regional hub and is approximately 45 minutes from Lawrence.

Shuttles: There are several shuttles that go from Lawrence to the airport.

Train: Amtrak has a station in Lawrence with trains arriving daily.

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